wut is theme song of my life???

Jun 10, 2009

td ak gtl2la wat kuiz kat facebook tu..
apekah tema lagu keidupan ak nih..ak dpt lgu nih..

"Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing" by Chris Isaac
The Sometimes-Evil-More-Messed-Up-Probably-Done-A-Lot-Of-Things-I-Regret type! You sit there, feeling guilty a lot, because you know that what your doing or have done is wrong... most of the time... You can come across as angelic and seem to have two sides to you, naughty and nice. Or you come out, and hide no feelings or behaviour! This is YOUR song baby! Baby you did a bad bad thing didnt you!

erk...lgu ape ni wei???
sat lg ak nk p dga kat utube...hahahahaaha.....chiooww...
(slps bbrpe minit)..
erk..waa...adekah lgu tu???xsdp pon..heh..bgla lagu rnb ke pop ke,leleh ke..
ni bg ak lgu yg btol2 bkn jiwe ak...hahahaha...senget tol...papela..jnji rock..lalalala...


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